Health  &  fitness  app  Template

  • Entertainment 
  • Salon & Beauty
  • Automotive Repair
  • Online and Local Stores
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Legal Practice
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Taxi / Cab services
  • Travel Agency 
  • Real Estate  
  • More

With more and more people using mobile phones to surf the internet,  Mobile App will account for the majority of internet driven usage within just five years. It is essential to capitalize on this fact and establish a mobile presence in order to stay ahead of your competition. AppMark provides following features :

    •    Single link for App downloads across AppStores
    •    One-click Call feature.
    •    Easy Website Integration for quick Search.
    •    Publish Services & Prices.
    •    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp links.
    •    Paypal integration for quick payment.
    •    Feedback and Contact features.
    •    One-click location search.
    •    For Travel Agencies, Hotels, Real Estate Agents,

         Taxi Services, Beauty Salons & Spa

Dining, Health & Fitness

Shops  ,  stores   &  More   Templates


Individual  services  app  template 

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We configure and develop your App. You review the final product before App gets uploaded to the Mobile App Store.

We Create Apps For You In 3 Easy Steps

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With over 40+ Categories & 250+ Templates, choose a App template depending on your Business brand and requirement.           

Small Business

  • Church & Temple
  • Volunteer & Non-Profit
  • Laundry
  • Cash & Carry store
  • Super Market
  • Schools & Day Care
  • Herbal & Ayurveda
  • Gas Stations
  • Audio Book
  • Blog & Magazines
  • More

Small  business  app  template

There is no better way to grow economy than empowering Small and Medium Individual Businesses with Mobile App to outsmart big corporations on leveled field. Quick easy connect Mobile App features, provided by AppMark, can help Individual Business maintain regular connection with their customers and build loyalty with long lasting relationship.

All App features listed on AppMark website can easily be customized for enhanced networking and user-experience.

For Individual Businesses & Services, Artists, Personalities  and much more

Your App, Your Brand, Your Success

Mobile Apps are helping the Health care sector by presenting all the information conveniently, and by streamlining communications. Apps reduce the pressure of work at the counter and in the Admin offices.

Health and Wellness apps ensure better and more frequent contact with customers. Welcome clients more often and increase the revenue per visitor with special wellness apps.  With the demand for information and communication growing enormously, keep your customers happy and connected by providing a more personalized and relevant engagement experience with instant notifications of sales, new arrivals & events. Promote special offers; Increase visits on quiet days...

For HealthCare, Fitness Gyms, Yoga, Dermatologist, Chiropractor, Spas, Doctors, Vision Optometry, Fitness clubs, and many more.

Local Retail Shops and Grocery Stores can significantly expand their customer reach and online presence with Mobile App. Improve your Sales & growth by enriching delivery capabilities using AppMark's online ordering and Payment feature. Your customers do not need to search internet to find you. Enable Loyalty features with Discounts, Rewards Membership & Promotions. Mobile App comes with multiple one-click features for enhanced user-experience.

Non-Profit Organizations (viz. Churches, Temples, NGO's) can continue to provide seamless services with quick access features including Paypal donations.

For Non-Profit Organizations, Retail Shops, Grocery Stores and much more....

  • Handyman 
  • Moving & Transportation
  • Photography & Video
  • Nanny & Day Care
  • House Cleaning & Repair
  • Astrology & Vaastu
  • Celebrity & Musicians
  • Training Academy
  • Tutors
  • Wedding Planner
  • More

Individual Services

Restaurant  &  CUISINE  App  Template

Easily connect and build your loyal customer base to improve your bottom line and ROI. The app helps increase your restaurant traffic, empowering your business and keep customers coming back. Online Ordering, incentives, coupons, daily specials, & loyalty rewards help increase your sales. Turn one-time shoppers into regular customers by rewarding them.

  • QR Code and Tiny URL for easy App download
  • Publish menu, daily specials and discounts
  • Accept Online orders and payment in-app
  • Reward your customers with loyalty discounts
  • Send targeted push notifications
  • Auto-notification deals to nearby customer
  • Social Network Integration to grow your fan list
  • Easy directions and call-in option for customers
  • For Caterers, Pizzeria, Fast-Food, Bakery and more
  • Restaurant & Cuisine
  • Pizza Stores
  • Fast Food Shops
  • Bakery and Cafe'
  • Massage & Spa
  • Yoga & Karate
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Chiropractor
  • Dental & Vision
  • Sport Clubs
  • More

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Whatever your Business needs may be, we have a plan to suit your Budget. Plans start at $5.

Yes, you heard it right...Starting Only $5.