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AppMark creates powerful Mobile Apps for SMBs (small and medium businesses) in the most affordable and effective way to boost their business, generate new leads for their business, cultivate customer loyalty and have a positive effect on overall revenue and bottom line.

We believe, Mobile Apps have quickly become mini websites to promote brand and keep customers in-the-loop with instant notifications of sales, new arrivals and events. Mobile and Tablet Apps can help send deals, discounts, regular updates & targeted notifications to new/repeat customers and save money on expensive mailings, flyers, business cards and media promotions. Mobile Apps can give business visibility that extends beyond the Internet and literally into customers’ pockets, anytime and every time they need.

Potential Customers do not have to log into their computers and search the Internet to find SMBs. With our customized Mobile App behaving as direct marketing channel, the Customers will have all information in – literally– the palm of their hand.

Mission : Empower every small & medium Business (SMBs) with Mobile App.

Vision :
Grow with our Customers, locally and globally.

Common SMBs problems:

  • SMBs are not Mobile Tech-savvy & have low budget for Mobile operational efficiency.
  • SMBs lack knowledge : How-to build Mobile Apps for Android, Apple, Windows, Amazon.
  • Ignorance on capability of Mobile Platform, value-add to their Business.
  • Using Mobile App features to up-sell, cross-sell & two-way engagement with Customers.

AppMark's Solution :

Explore our website for sample Templates, very cost-effective Pricing package & Mobile App features to help increase customer base and have businesses grow locally and globally. Do NOT forget to compare the cost of our App vs ROI.

Please reach out to us with any questions - how we can make your personalized Business Mobile App.

Why do SMBs need Mobile App

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